Chase International Unveils ChaseNation

My real estate agency, Chase International, has recently unveiled a new website at  ChaseNation is a social networking site like Facebook or MySpace.  However, ChaseNation is geared toward Reno-Tahoe real estate.  In fact, it is the first ever agency specific social networking site.  I invite you to check it out at:  Read more »

What Will My Monthly Home Payment Be?

When showing property, I’m often asked the question, “What will my monthly payment be on this house?” The answer many people give is simply the amount owed on the home each month, which is often called PI – principle and interest. On a $400,000 home, this would be about $1,920 (assuming 20% down and a 6% interest rate). However, PI does not completely account for the cost of homeownership. There are other reoccurring costs. Those with a little real estate savvy often use the term PITI. It... Read more »

South Lake Tahoe Best Buys

Right Next to Heavenly Sqft: 3200 Beds: 5 Baths: 3 Price: $895,000 >Click for more info Between Unbuildable Lots! Sqft: 1680 Beds: 3 Baths: 2 Price: $369,000 >Click for more info Foreclosure Steal! Sqft: 1432 Beds: 3 Baths: 2 Price: $225,000 >Click for more info Brand New Construction Sqft: 2032 Beds: 3 Baths: 2 Price: $489,000 >Click for more info Tahoe Keys Waterfront Sqft: 2070 Beds: 3 Baths: 2 Price: $829,000 >Click for more info Tahoe Island Park w/Upgrades Sqft:... Read more »

March 2008 Statistics for South Lake Tahoe Real Estate

Here are some of the latest statistics from the South Tahoe Association of Realtors.  This data is from March 31, 2008. South Lake Tahoe’s median home price has fallen 5.5% in the last two months.  Ouch! Median Home Price Number of Active Listings Number of Escrows $425,000 361 40 Number of Listings by Price Range Price Range Active Listings $0 – $250,000 2 $250,001 – $300,000 12 $300,001 – $400,000 64 $400,001 – $500,000 74 $500,001... Read more »

Tahoe’s $75 Million Tranquility Estate

Since learning that one of the highest priced homes in America is only four miles from my home, I’ve been fascinated by the Lake Tahoe estate called Tranquility. It is owned by co-founder of Tommy Hilfiger, Joel Horowitz, and is listed at $75,000,000. You can learn some basic information on Tranquility at I’ll also include some property detail at the bottom of this message. However, I want to focus this write-up on a few things I find pretty fascinating about the... Read more »

Estimating the Value of Zillow’s Zestimate

It seems like the popularity of is rapidly growing. I’ve heard a few times lately, “Oh, I’ll just check my home’s worth on Zillow!” These people are referring to Zillow’s Zestimate. The Zestimate provides an estimated market value of a home.  This is done by entering data on the subject home and comparable homes into an algorithm. Unfortunately, the resulting estimate is oftentimes very inaccurate. See the table below, provided from Zillow’s Zestimate Accuracy page.... Read more »