WellcomeMat.com Features the 2489 Bernice Lane Video Tour in its Top 5

Being new to real estate video, I was surprised this morning to find an e-mail in my inbox from a video company recruiter. She informed me that she had seen a video of mine on the WellcomeMat.com Top 5. I had no idea what that was. However, after doing some searching, I found that WellcomeMat.com chose my 2489 Bernice Lane tour as one of their top 5 videos for last week! It was featured along with videos from Texas, Tennessee, and Colorado. The WellcomeMat.com Top 5 – Aug. 28, 2008 For those... Read more »

South Lake Tahoe Crime Stories

Yesterday I was perusing through news articles on South Lake Tahoe and ran across some fascinating stuff. A substantial history of crime in Lake Tahoe shouldn’t surprise me too much. I mean they did shoot Godfather II here, and rumors continue to persist that Jacques Cousteau found dozens of mobster corpses intact at the bottom of the lake. I just thought I would have already heard about such things. Not much of this relates to real estate – just fascinating Tahoe history I thought some readers... Read more »

Foreclosure List for South Lake Tahoe, CA – August 27, 2008

There are 14 foreclosure properties in South Lake Tahoe today. Four homes are new since I last published it two weeks ago. I’m surprised that only two foreclosures went into escrow since the last list. In that same time frame, 32 homes & condos went into escrow. That’s a lot for South Lake Tahoe, so it’s not like buyers have slowed down at all. A couple properties stand out on this list. 602 Wintoon Dr. was reduced $30,000 a couple days ago and is an incredible buy. 3549... Read more »

2489 Bernice Lane Video Tour

This is a video I recently created for my brokerage, Deb Howard & Co. The home is a new listing of ours in South Lake Tahoe. I’d encourage you to watch it in high quality so you can see the property better. If the video stops during playback, just press the pause button and wait a minute for the video to download. Watch in High Quality  Read more »

Foreclosure List for South Lake Tahoe, CA – August 13, 2008

Here is the latest foreclosure list for South Lake Tahoe.  There are 11 foreclosures on the market.  They are all single-family residences (no condos or multiplexes). Since the last foreclosure list, there have been a few interesting developments in the foreclosure market.  A few properties were just listed.  The only one I’m really excited about, though, is 2604 Knox Ave.  It is located on a rare 1/4 acre lot in Sierra Tract.  I think there could be a ton of value in that purchase. ... Read more »

Short Sales Catching On in South Lake Tahoe

These days many homeowners are defaulting on their loans and risking losing their homes. To save themselves from foreclosure, short sales have become very popular. This evening I found 38 listings in the South Lake Tahoe MLS that are possible short sales. If you are unfamiliar with short sales, here is a great article that was printed in a publication I received from the Nevada Real Estate Division.   Short Sales By Bruce Alitt, Chief Investigator A short sale situation occurs when the owner of... Read more »

July 2008 Statistics for South Lake Tahoe Real Estate

Always trying to improve the real estate statistics I present to you, I’ve decided to mine for a new stat – median sale price for the last 90 days. I will present this statistic along with the median sale price for the last month. See the table below for the actual numbers. What are the benefits of looking at the median sale price for the last 90 days? First, it helps minimize some of the incredible variance that occurs in a small market like South Lake Tahoe. A few high priced sales can... Read more »