South Lake Tahoe by the Numbers

Here’s a little information on South Lake Tahoe demographics from the Tahoe Daily Tribune.  I’m not sure how they figured that Sacramento is closer to South Lake Tahoe than Reno.  According to Google, Reno is a 60.2 mile and 1 hour and 17 minute drive.  As the crow flies, it is 41.6 miles from South Lake Tahoe.  Sacramento is a 102 mile and 1 hour and 53 minute drive.  And it’s 85.6 miles from South Lake as the crow flies. Also, South Lake Tahoe’s population growth has leveled... Read more »

Parents Have Choice of South Shore Schools

I thought some of you might find this information interesting. The Tahoe Daily Tribune released information on South Tahoe area schools. Everything looks good to me except that Zephyr Cove’s middle school, Kingsbury Middle School, closed on June 9, 2008. Sixth graders will now go to Zephyr Cove Elementary. Seventh and eighth graders will go to Whittell High School, which is also in Zephyr Cove.   Parents Have Choice of South Shore Schools Tahoe Daily Tribune, June 13, 2008 The Lake Tahoe Unified... Read more »

Weathering the Storms on Tahoe’s South Shore

The following article about South Lake Tahoe weather was published in the Tahoe Daily Tribune earlier this month. It provides valuable information on the kind of weather to expect when visiting South Lake Tahoe. Basically, come expecting anything! For homeowners starting projects, be aware that it will likely snow sometime in October. Last September, we saw some snow coupled with 19 degree temperatures!   Weathering the Storms on Tahoe’s South Shore Tahoe Daily Tribune, June 6, 2008 Snow has... Read more »

Cost of Living is Still Rising in South Lake

Here’s an article about South Lake Tahoe’s high cost of living from the Tahoe Daily Tribune. As a Tahoe local, I can attest that life ain’t cheap in South Lake Tahoe. However, there are ways to combat the area’s high cost of living. If you’re coming from Sacramento or the Bay Area, stop for gas at the 76 right after Placerville. It’ll be on the left. You’ll pay about fifteen cents less per gallon. I do my best to fill up in Carson City where prices are about... Read more »